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Island Culture

It all begins and ends with Aloha. 




At Mauna Kea Resort, the hotels sit adjacent to two award-winning beaches and some of the best places to explore culture on island. On the sands of Kaunaʻoa Bay is the namesake of the bay as a twiny, orange vine grows as one of the only places on the island of Hawaiʻi to gather Kaunaʻoa. 

This special location expands with Hāpuna Beach where aliʻi would surf the breaks and enjoy their time at both beaches in the water. Within the ahupuaʻa (land division) of ʻOuli, Mauna Kea Resort proudly continues its tradition by offering, showcasing, and teaching guests of the history of these special beaches. 

It’s why every morning at either beach, guests can find our Aloha Ambassador on the sand chanting E Ala E to the sun into the sky as native Hawaiian ancestors did, welcoming and setting the intentions for the day.